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Cozaar is a brand title for the drug Losartan. It belongs to the category of drugs prescribed in treatments of increased blood pressure. This condition, also known as hypertension, is associated with worsening of the function of multiple organs in a human body, including blood vessels, heart, brain, and kidneys. By ensuring relaxation of blood vessels, Cozaar delivers relief to the high level of pressure, allowing a patient to maintain the appropriate constriction/dilation of the vessels.

Cozaar also finds application in heart disease therapies aimed at lowering the risk of stroke. Rarer therapeutic uses include congestive heart failure. At Cozaar online pharmacy, patients can purchase the drug both on a regular basis and in case of emergency. The ordering procedure is simple and does not involve a prescription signed by your doctor.


Cozaar without prescription

Our Cozaar online pharmacy offers services of medical experts to ensure you are about to purchase the drug you actually need. The consultant interacts with you in the first stage of the purchase procedure. Our specialist will contact you in a private manner via e-mail or call. Only after your case has been made clear, you will have unlimited access to the supply of Cozaar. Such precaution measures are necessary to prevent misuses of the medication and exclude harmful consequences for its user. For the majority of patients, it is still a faster, cheaper and more convenient way to buy Cozaar RX as opposed to visiting a doctor and receiving a prescription. As long as it is possible for a medical advisor to establish your symptoms and analyze your medical records (if available), you can order the delivery of an appropriate drug immediately at All medications come in the original package including a patient’s leaflet and information on use. Other data on dosage schedules, adverse reactions etc can be accessed at approved pharmacological resources such as here: or here:


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Standard Prescription Information on Cozaar Pills

Cozaar (Losartan) is a blocker of angiotensin II receptors. As it diminishes the action of angiotensin II, your body responds by relaxing the blood vessels and this leads to a gradual drop in blood pressure. Normally, the medication shows its full effect within 3-6 weeks of ordinary treatment. The drug is sometimes prescribed in combination therapy with diuretics.
Another indication, for which you might need to buy Cozaar RX, includes proteinuria observed along type 2 diabetes; this condition is indicated by the presence of proteins in the urine, and Cozaar, in this case, serves as a protection agent for the kidneys.

Cozaar online pharmacy
Cozaar comes in white, oval-shaped (teardrop-shaped for 100mg) tablets with a film coating. Our Cozaar online pharmacy offers you exclusively high-quality medicines bought directly from the manufacturers. Please always check package and vial/blister quality upon arrival of your order. Contact our customer service immediately if you suspect a scam.

Please try to place orders for drugs as ahead of time as possible. From time to time our drug supplies get depleted due to a big number of orders, therefore we cannot sometimes ship you the required drugs immediately.

Before using the medication:

  • Read about the composition of Cozaar (for instance, here: and make sure you are not allergic neither to its active substance nor to the excipients;
  • Consult your health advisor on the compatibility of this medication with breast-feeding, if appropriate. You should not, however, take Cozaar while being pregnant, as the drug impacts the normal development of a fetus;
  • Request a consultation from your physician regarding the current medical condition of your liver;
  • Check the possibility of drug interaction with any of the pharmaceutical products you are currently taking.


Use of Cozaar in children is approved starting from six years of age.

Appropriate Doses of Cozaar

In adults:

According to your individual medical recommendations, the daily dose of Cozaar is 50 mg or 100 mg. Sometimes, a smaller initial dose of 25 mg may be recommended. The upper limit of 100 mg once a day should never be exceeded.

In children:

For 6 to 16-year-old children, the usual dose is 25 mg per day for a weight range of 20-49 kg; children over 50 kg of weight can be moved to 50 mg per day after lower initial doses.

Changing doses without according instructions from your physician is inadvisable. A missed dose should not be followed by doubling the next one.

buy Cozaar online

Cozaar Prices and Discounts

Cozaar online pharmacy uses a partnership system that allows us to cut prices, consequently making medications more available to our customers. We organize direct drug supplies from manufacturers and often offer cheaper generic versions of medications to cover more various financial capabilities of the population. We strive to not lose the trust of a single customer by providing quality pharmaceuticals and fast delivery.

Cozaar Without Prescription

Buy Cozaar discountPrescriptions can be an annoying obstacle, especially when patients know their condition precisely and need only to renew the recipe. We pursue the aim of a wider medication availability and therefore answer the needs of hypertension sufferers in a swifter manner. You are allowed to purchase Cozaar without prescription if our expert decides that you are eligible to do so. The only other requirement is your being of age.
In addition to the three dosage options, you can buy Cozaar online in packages of multiple sizes, either for occasional use or a scheduled treatment.


Fast-ordering tablets at our website is now possible 24/7.  Our manager will process your request in a matter of minutes and the parcel will be shipped to your location without delay (if the ordered drugs are in stores).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I was prescribed Cozaar for hypertension. Can I drink vodka or wine along with it?

Few studies have been performed regarding the consummation of alcohol and Cozaar (Losartan) at the same time. However, it is known that alcohol is likely to increase the side effects of the drug. Also, the state of overall dehydration caused by alcohol is associated with the risk for orthostatic hypotension. This happens when a person stands up after sitting and includes lightheadedness, dizziness, and fainting.

Is Cozaar available in all possible countries of residence?

It is true that we work with the majority of delivery systems. Our Cozaar online pharmacy sends dozens of parcels to far corners of Canada, the UK, the US, Europe and Australia on a daily basis. Even if our drug stocks are sometimes depleted, we always try to minimize the delay and fulfill your order in the shortest time possible.

What side effects are most commonly observed with this medication?

You should keep in mind that the issue of ‘common effects’ does not mean that some people experience them constantly and with the same strength. Most milder side effects, including headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, stuffy nose, cough or disturbance in sleep can be either managed or may disappear on their own with time.

What benefits do I get if I buy Cozaar online and not in another drugstore?

The main advantage of our store is that we make drugs available, including Cozaar, without prescription. We also keep our prices at a competitive level – as far as it is possible without sacrificing the drug quality. You can always rely on our customer support that is professional and highly responsive.

Can I take Cozaar in the morning or early in the evening to avoid frequent bathroom visits during sleep?

As follows from the prescribing information on Cozaar, its effect can be accompanied by increased urinary frequency. However, it is inadvisable that you change your dosage regimen without first consulting your healthcare provider. If the medication persists in keeping you from a sound sleep, pay a visit to a doctor regarding the possibility to safely adjust your dosing schedule.


Where can I find the full text of a prescription info for Cozaar?

The necessary information is provided in a leaflet that comes inside the drug package. You might also like to look here:

User Testimonials

Woke up in the morning, couldn’t find my tablets… I don’t know where I’d be if not for this pharmacy. I barely survived the day and then the package arrived, the drug was superb, God bless you all!


I can confirm that my blood pressure has been reduced considerably, but I have stuffed nose and a blocked ear to boot. However, I’ve always had an issue with my ears, hypertension drugs regardless. As for Cozaar itself, I really love the service, everything so fast and trouble-free. You have my highest appreciations, guys.


I got this medication prescribed to fight my arterial hypertension. In addition to having placed my blood pressure back to normal values it also provides a soothing effect to my frequent headaches. I can’t really say Cozaar eliminates them but it somehow makes the pain milder and decreases the accompanying photophobia. I’ve read on the Internet that this extra benefit is indicative of the good potency and quality of the drug. If it’s indeed so, I can’t thank this service enough.

Denis Shu

Very good medication for high blood pressure. Cozaar had a disadvantage for me, however: it increased the potassium level in my blood to 5.7 in less than 6 months of therapy. In my case, the only way to reduce a rate this high was to use a tablet of kayexalate once a day. But it removed my hypertension, it did.

Samuel Barnacle

My wife sends thanks for a timely delivery. Otherwise, she takes Cozaar only occasionally because her actual treatment ended a while ago. The pills are effective and totally indistinguishable from the ones I had bought for her with a prescription as she was starting the treatment. I’m glad we didn’t need to ride to a hospital in the neighboring city, this online delivery thing makes everything super-simple.

Mason B .

Yeah, these are pretty decent. The entire scheme of ordering is what got my attention, though. I just answered a couple questions and – boom! – my order gets shipped. No prescription or other BS. This is very unlike other pharmacies and commendable, if anything. Believe me, I’ve tried online purchases a lot. This one is the quickest, I’ll hang around for certain.


I can highly recommend Cozaar, its effect on me is almost immediate. Within a month, my pressure got lowered to an acceptable level.  Another great thing about it is something that nobody has been able to explain: my problem of tormenting headaches has just disappeared. I realized this effect took place almost three months after I started taking the drug. Can’t be happier. I only hope it won’t return.

Chloe Z.

A couple years ago, my cardiologist mentioned Cozaar (he called it Losartan) during our consultation. And here we go: I needed to buy it ASAP last week, googled this site and got the meds next day in the morning. Like, swoosh! The awesome overnight delivery. Guys, I’m very thankful, you’re real lifesavers!

Philip Groomer

I was powerfully afraid of the side effects, such as upset heart, nervousness, fatigue, flatulence, and whatnot. As the result, I haven’t experienced any so far, and that’s for three months’ time. I really like it, I guess. It was definitely a good idea to buy Cozaar in this drugstore, many thanks!

Sally W.
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